Hi, I’m Brandon, a product engineer in San Francisco.

  1. Intercom


    A messaging platform helping make business personal.

  2. Canary


    Uptime monitoring that’s fun and easy.


  1. Toolbox


    Products and services for modern businesses.

  2. Arrival


    Release cycle tracking for Apple products.


  1. Charge


    An opinionated, zero-config static site generator.

  2. Discharge

    A simple, easy way to deploy static websites to Amazon S3.

  3. Font Raider

    Font Raider delves deep into the depths of macOS and finds those fonts that have been hidden from you.

  4. git-hookshot

    Share git hooks in a Ruby project among everyone automagaically.

  5. sonar-js

    A tiny library for detecting when a browser is scrolled to the bottom of a page.

  6. railyard

    A non-polluting Rails skeleton generator.

  7. redcarpet-abbreviations

    An extension for Redcarpet that supports abbreviations.

  8. hold_please

    Disable ActiveRecord callbacks in Rails for great justice!